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KLA-Tencor Surfscan SP2XP

Product Description

The Surfscan SP2XP unpatterned wafer surface quality inspection system inspects bare wafers and blanket films with sensitivity, throughput and defect classification improvements from its predecessor, the Surfscan SP2. The  Surfscan SP2XP wafer quality inspection system enables not only wafer manufacturers to reduce scrap and deliver substrates with superior surface quality, but also IC chipmakers to bring their leading-edge (≥4Xnm) devices to market faster by delivering best-in-class throughput for process tool monitoring throughout the fab. This advanced wafer quality inspection system also introduces an ultra-high sensitivity operating mode to accelerate fabs’ development of 3Xnm and 2Xnm next-generation devices.

Opto-mechanical and signal processing improvements enable the Surfscan SP2XP wafer quality inspection system to deliver their many advantages:

  • Proprietary UV technology provides high sensitivity down to 30nm defect sizes on polished wafers and expanded detection of intrinsic, polishing, and fall-on defect types on all substrates and films for process tool monitoring applications
  • Ultra High Sensitivity mode enables the Surfscan SP2XP wafer quality inspection system to be utilized for development of next-generation chips
  • A brightfield channel with differential interference contrast capability captures shallow and flat defects
  • A new optical design provides enhanced sensitivity to defects on rough or metal films such as polysilicon, tungsten and copper
  • A >30% throughput increase compared to the Surfscan SP2 wafer quality inspection system allows for higher productivity or the use of a higher sensitivity setting without loss of throughput
  • Extendible architecture supports the sensitivity and throughput requirements for multiple technology nodes
  • Unique, patented multi-channel architecture and innovative algorithms enable automatic differentiation of defect types for fast-to-root cause
  • Newly extended defect sizing capability delivers improved defect binning accuracy
  • The Surfscan SP2XP wafer quality inspection system upholds the platform’s reputation for reliability, ease-of-use and system matching

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