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Стилусный профилометр KLA-Tencor HRP-250

Surface Topography Profiling

Product Description

The HRP-250 is an automated, advanced surface topography metrology tool, featuring high resolution/high-aspect ratio, stylus-based surface topography profiling for leading edge 200mm applications. This surface topography metrology tool’s ultra-fine 20nm stylus tip option enables down to 45nm-generation surface topography profiling at cost-effective throughputs for critical transistor and interconnect applications. Featuring diamond styli down to 20nm radius and a lower-noise platform for enhanced measurement sensitivity, the HRP-250 surface topography profiling system offers nanometer-scale stylus technology which matches AFM resolution — without modeling requirements. In addition to the 200mm HRP-250 surface topography profiling system, a 300mm HRP-350 surface topography metrology system is also available for IC semiconductor manufacturing applications.


  • High-resolution mode enables accurate control of nano-scale features for applications that directly impact device performance, such as Shallow Trench Isolation, CMP in the interconnect, metal film roughness and tungsten plug recess.
  • Long-scan mode operates at high throughput to measure Cu CMP dishing and erosion, copper plating, die planarity, and C4 bump height in packaging.

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Стилусный профилометр KLA-Tencor HRP-250

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