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KLA-Tencor Archer 100

Product Description

The Archer 100 optical overlay control system meets the stringent performance and cost-of-ownership (CoO) requirements for the most advanced design rules and immersion lithography. This fully extendible optical overlay control system satisfies today's tighter overlay budgets yet is designed to keep pace with increasingly challenging lithography control needs.

  • Lower total measurement uncertainty (TMU) satisfies tighter overlay error budgets with improved precision
  • Optimizing and improving tool utilization and CoO increases total tool productivity over previous generation overlay systems
  • Extendible platform addresses current immersion lithography technology challenges, plus next generation double patterning lithography
  • Automatic Recipe Optimization enables automatic optimizing of recipe creation offline, minimizing human error and freeing up valuable fab resources


Low-Contrast Measurements: The Archer 100 optical overlay control system effectively solves the problem of lower contrast measurements, increasingly seen in such applications as amorphous carbon layer (aCL) hard mask films. A new illumination system option improves measurement accuracy and robustness for 45nm and below overlay error budgets in HVM memory production.

Bright Field Critical Dimension (BF CD): The BF CD measurement system calculates the distance between one feature and another. The BF CD measurement system measurements can be horizontal or vertical, with their specific direction determined by the orientation of the measured feature. Using the Archer 100 optical overlay control system, the BF CD measurement system's capability can also be effectively applied for measuring «Fuse Box» structures with high topography.

Immersion Lithography: Immersion Lithography: The industry leading specifications of the Archer 100 optical overlay control system increase the overall equipment effectiveness of lithography cell tools. The Archer 100 optical overlay control system reliably and accurately measures exact process conditions at increased sampling rates, needed for better stepper matching and lithography process control in today's emerging immersion lithography applications. The Archer 100 optical overlay control system is designed with the flexibility and extendibility to meet the 32nm requirements of R&D fabs, including next-generation strategies such as double patterning lithography (DPL).


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KLA-Tencor Archer 100

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