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KLA-Tencor 7200 Wafer Check

Product Highlights

  • Multi-tool functionality including wafer thickness, shape, global and site flatness
  • Measures up to 8,700 data points per wafer
  • Up to 40 sort classes available
  • Optional resistivity and type measurement

The WaferCheck 7200 wafer thickness measurement and characterization system provides the semiconductor industry with a flexible means of automatically characterizing, inspecting and sorting silicon wafers. Wafers from 100mm to 200mm in diameter can be easily measured with up to 40 sort classes. This allows additional capacity for current wafer sizes, and expansion capability for future demands.

Modular Configuration
Different configurations of WaferCheck 7200 wafer thickness measurement and characterization systems are available to meet the measurement and sorting needs at each stop of the wafer production process. Wafer thickness sorters, either center point or multipoint, are designed for high volume production as-cut wafers.

Wafer thickness and flatness sorters offer measurement and sorting capability in the intermediate stages of silicon wafer production. For polished wafer inspection and incoming quality control, the 7200E system allows state-of-the-art wafer shape measurements. Wafer thickness, flatness, bow and warp are measured with 10 nanometer resolution. All systems feature optional resistivity and type measurements. System configuration is modular with up to six senders and twenty-four receivers.

Automated Operation
The flexible WaferCheck wafer thickness measurement and characterization systems can be incorporated into a variety of production and test environments. The ASC Controller provides menu based setup and operation, high speed data acquisition, analysis and reporting, and process flexibility. Output may also be sent to a dot matrix or laser printer. The optional Host Control Application (HCA) software is available for remote GEM/SECSII compliant equipment control and data collection via RS-232 communications. Data can also be transferred in ASCII format through the serial RS-232 port.

The WaferCheck 7200 wafer thickness measurement and characterization systems offer silicon wafer producers the wafer characterization and sorting capabilities needed for advanced production and inspection processes.


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