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KLA-Tencor 300UV

Product Description

The KLA-Tencor 300 UV Series was the first reticle inspection family using UV illumination for the inspection of DUV reticles. With the higher resolution UV wavelength and new defect detection technology, the 300UV reticle inspection systems can inspect reticles with advanced design rules, critical OPC structures, and many phase shift types, all common elements of advanced integrated circuit technology.

The UV wavelength reticle inspection systems are built on KLA-Tencor's field-proven 300 Series reticle inspection platform, adding advanced UV optics, defect detection algorithms, and review tools. Whether providing die-to-die, die-to-database, or KLA-Tencor's patented STARlightTM contamination inspection, the 300UV Series of reticle inspection system enables the industry's highest quality of advanced reticles.

Captures new defect classes 
Resolution enhancement techniques are being used successfully to push the limits of optical lithography creating new challenges for reticle fabrication and quality assurance. While low k, printing, sub-resolution OPC structures, and new phase-shifting materials improve lithography performance, they have also generated new classes of critical reticle defects that can cause wafer yield loss. UV-opaque stains and transmission defects, as well as small defects on and near OPC structures. KLA-Tencor's 300UV Series of reticle inspection systems can capture these difficult to detect defects, providing critical reticle quality assurance to eliminate yield killing reticle defects.

For complete information, download the product overview below.


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KLA-Tencor 300UV

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